Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving / Birthday Weekend

This last weekend was fun. We had thanksgiving at Jessica's parents on Friday. Her brother was coming down with his girls and his fiance', but they were not able to come down till friday so Jessica, the girls and I had a thanksgiving day dinner at Burgerking and Carls Jr. It was delicious. Then on friday we headed out to Ron and Pams for the turkey dinner. We met Troy's (Jessica's brother) fiance' Ali, and his girls played with ours. It was a nice relaxing time.

Saturday was my birthday and we just hung out around the house and relaxed which was nice. Sunday I went out with Eric and JJ for lunch and a game of Golf in the fog. We could see our balls for about a hundred yards and then they disappeared. It made for some interesting challenges. Then Eric and I dropped JJ off and had Dinner with Garret. It was an awsome day. Oh and leah and I went and saw the Disney movie Bolt on saturday. That was a really good movie. We saw it at Cinetopia in 3D. That was a good experience. Watching movies in 3D adds alot to the experience. We also were able to see the Coraline trailer in 3D. I had animated two shots that were in the trailer. That was really cool, especially since Leah was there and was able to see my animation on the Big screen. Coraline is really scary for young kids and I dont think we will be taking her to the movie until she is older. :(

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