Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Girls

The girls have been having alot of fun lately. Leah is having fun this year in second grade. She is riding the bus to and from school and loves the extra time with her friends. Her second grade class is in a portable outside, she loves it. Even though she wont admit it, I think she loves it because she is the first of the kids to get out to recess. Even her desk is next to the door. She is working on her reading and is having fun. Ruth is a wild child. She is busy and has lots of energy. She loves to crawl on everthing. We have to keep her from jumping off the couch. I have had to catch her by the heal as she plunges to her doom. We let her flop off the couch onto the cushions once and now she wont stop, even when there is no padding. Whoops on us. She is also having fun charging into us (unexpectedly) head first. He has some power in her. She is having fun learning animal names and sounds. We will have more videos and photos to show later.

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Tiffany said...

Hey Gabe? How is Jessica? I think of her often!!! IS where suppose to be a picture in that green box? It is nice to see the girls grow. Have you seen my new miracle boy! If you have no check out my blog.