Saturday, December 27, 2008


We had a fun Christmas this year. I was able to take the week off from work. Even though the studio was closed anyway from the 12 inches of snow. We had fun playing in the snow. It took Ruth quite awhile to get used to this mysterious new substance on the ground. But once we let her take a few rides on the sled she was hooked. We went to My parents for Christmas eve with been and Christie and all the girls and then on Christmas day Jessica's Dad came up from California and surprised the girls. We had a hard time keeping that a secret. We weren't sure he was going to be able to come because of all the snow. It has been a fun week. Enjoy the photos and videos.

Leah's Christmas Surprise from Gabe Sprenger on Vimeo.

The Girls sledding

The girls had alot of fun sledding at the house and at a big hill we found by the house.

Leah Sledding from Gabe Sprenger on Vimeo.

Ruth sledding from Gabe Sprenger on Vimeo.

Leah's big ride from Gabe Sprenger on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


They have a new Coraline movie site that has some fun stuff to look at in your free time. The site is goofy and requires some codes. But the behind the scenes videos are worth the effort. There isnt anything with me in it, but there are some of my shots hidden randomly in there.

Here is the trailor with a few of my shots.

Here's the site. -

Here are the codes-

"otherworld" - this code shows all the features, or below are the individual codes

moustachio - a hilarious stop motion mustache film
sweaterxxs - an interesting video about the person that made all the garments for the stop motion characters, actually knitting them
puppetlove - director Henry Selik, on the puppets point of view
stopmotion - what things are made of in the movie
armpithair - shows the work of Suzanne Moulton, head of the really small hair department.
buttoneyes - meet the cast

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Girls at the Park

Leah singing in her school play. (Video Included)

Leah and her classmates performed their yearly Christmas performance. She was 'truly' the star. She has changed in the last year and instead of crying and fleeing the stage, she seems to come alive and really enjoy performing. Which makes me excited. Every filmmaker needs a steady actor on call. Hee hee.

Leah's School Christmas Performance from Gabe Sprenger on Vimeo.

Leah School Performance 2 from Gabe Sprenger on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Here are the Girls decorating the tree. Well, Leah did most of the decorating. Ruth hung a couple but mostly just put the ornaments in her mouth. But it was fun. We had to put the tree in the kitchen to keep out of reach of Ruth and her curious hands. Rosie saw the tree through the sliding glass door and growled viciously. It is good to know we have a protector. Even though one day I snuck up on her and she growled, well she growled as she ran as fast as she could accross the lawn until she saw it was me. Oh well. The intent was there.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Hey for those you read this. Check out the blog link to the right for Alec Martinez. This is the son of a guy at work. His two year old son has a brain tumor and they are in the battles of dealing with it. He has had two surgeries in the last few weeks and now they are going to ST. Judes in Tennessee next week. He is a christian and he and his wife would like all the prayer they can. Oh bythe way, his wife is in remition from cancer this last summer. Please check out the site they made for thier son. The link to the site is to the right in the friends blog are. Thanks.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving / Birthday Weekend

This last weekend was fun. We had thanksgiving at Jessica's parents on Friday. Her brother was coming down with his girls and his fiance', but they were not able to come down till friday so Jessica, the girls and I had a thanksgiving day dinner at Burgerking and Carls Jr. It was delicious. Then on friday we headed out to Ron and Pams for the turkey dinner. We met Troy's (Jessica's brother) fiance' Ali, and his girls played with ours. It was a nice relaxing time.

Saturday was my birthday and we just hung out around the house and relaxed which was nice. Sunday I went out with Eric and JJ for lunch and a game of Golf in the fog. We could see our balls for about a hundred yards and then they disappeared. It made for some interesting challenges. Then Eric and I dropped JJ off and had Dinner with Garret. It was an awsome day. Oh and leah and I went and saw the Disney movie Bolt on saturday. That was a really good movie. We saw it at Cinetopia in 3D. That was a good experience. Watching movies in 3D adds alot to the experience. We also were able to see the Coraline trailer in 3D. I had animated two shots that were in the trailer. That was really cool, especially since Leah was there and was able to see my animation on the Big screen. Coraline is really scary for young kids and I dont think we will be taking her to the movie until she is older. :(