Sunday, February 5, 2012

To the Store!!!

Ever since we saw the youtube video Going to the Store, Ruth has been crazy about wanted to remake it herself.
She is so cute, we commissioned leah to join in, enjoy.

Long Year

Been through alot this year but it has been still fun. The girls are growing fast. Ruth is in pre-school at Kingsway four days a week and Leah is in 5th grade at Pleasant Valley. I have one more month on Paranorman and then animation is all done. Hopefully then I can have some time off and we can have a little vacation. We all need it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

6th day, a day away

Waking up to my two favorite girls next to me, cuddled up in the back of a mini van makes for a good morning. The van floor was crooked, and I had a bolt in my back all night, but the girls made it all worth while. We went to breakfast at the pig in blanket, and then off to the Oregon coast Aquarium. It was amazing, the girls had a blast looking at all the exotic fish living just out in our shore. After a few hours exploring there we hopped into the van and drove up to tillamook to visit the cheese factory. Although the factory tour was kinda lame the ice cream was amazing!! So good! Then driving back home we drove past my work and painted new foursquare lines. We had fun getting all messy. After the long journey the girls still had some energy to burn so we rode bikes to the park. Great adventurous day!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fifth day and farthest traveled

This morning marked the beginning of what is our most adventurous so far. It started with a drive to enterprise rent a car. We rented a mini van and made our way to mcminnville Oregon to the evergreen space and air museum. They built a new water park there and I have been wanting to take the kids there. They loved it. Then we journeyed on to Newport Oregon where we camped out at Beverly beach. Good day.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth, the day after the fourth.

All the girls slept good through the night in the tent. They were so tired, the fireworks didn't even keep em up. Very surprising. We the afternoon with cousins and hiked around round lake in camas. Got ice cream. Later I took my girls to see cars 2. It looked amazing and the story was pretty good. The girls loved it. Good day.
PS. And of course the girls swam

Monday, July 4, 2011

Third day also the fourth.

Today was an early day of adventure. Christie picked us up and went down to the ridgefield parade. The kids enjoyed all the free candy. There were so many people jammed into that little town. Later we went to my parents for a family bbq. Christie did some amazing face painting on everyone. That night Christie and her girls joined me and mine at our house for a campout. We set up a tent and made a fire in the backyard. After dark we got up on the roof and watched the crazy fourth of July fireworks. They were amazing this year. The neighbours didn't let us down. We watched the grand finale as we ate smores. Another fun day.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Second day of vacation

Well today was a fun day, one I wouldn't have planned. Both cars are not working so we were left to biking everywhere. We rode to church, then out to lunch after, followed by a stop at the park, then home. Devan and his sister shelby came over and the kids all played in the pool. The water was warmer, but the sun wasn't as hot. Later we rode down to the park nearest us. Ruth used her cutness powers to gain control of two teenage girls. They played tag and other games. It was quite cute. We then rode around the neighbourhood and watched others light off their fireworks as the sun set. At home the kids and I sat on the roof of the house and ate popcorn and watched fireworks. It was a cool day. 

First day off

I have the fourth of July week off with the girls and they are ready for adventure. I told em that Saturday would be a work day, but we got a pool for them to play in. It was way bigger then I intended to get. 12 feet across! Took 5 hours to set up and fill with water! But the girls played in it the hole time. A lot of neighbour kids came over and played. It was a nice day. :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ruth's 4 th birthday

We had Ruth's fourth birthday party with family this past Sunday. She was very excited and had a lot of fun.

Here are more photos and some videos.

Sunday, December 19, 2010