Monday, February 9, 2009

Well Coraline came out this last weekend and did pretty well. Jessica and I were able to go to the world premiere here in Portland. They had a big tado with all the stars and all. It was alot of fun. The movie made 16.3 million dollars on its opening weekend. Not as much as a Pixar movie, but good for our first. Just thought I would throw up a picture of some of the swag we got from the film.

Our crew Coraline four square T shirt
Special edition, Coraline Nike high tops, one of a thousand
An actual mouse from the movie.
Coraline poster
Portland Monthly mag about the movie, Got my picture in there.
A specail Coraline key that was our pass to get into the premiere after party.
A carls jr. Coraline kids meal toy.
Official behind the scenes coraline book.
Coraline bag,
Lots a Goodies.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Family Photo

We got ready for church sunday night and then found out that church was cancelled and they had a super bowl party at another place. So I made everyone in their church come outside for a family photo.