Thursday, July 7, 2011

6th day, a day away

Waking up to my two favorite girls next to me, cuddled up in the back of a mini van makes for a good morning. The van floor was crooked, and I had a bolt in my back all night, but the girls made it all worth while. We went to breakfast at the pig in blanket, and then off to the Oregon coast Aquarium. It was amazing, the girls had a blast looking at all the exotic fish living just out in our shore. After a few hours exploring there we hopped into the van and drove up to tillamook to visit the cheese factory. Although the factory tour was kinda lame the ice cream was amazing!! So good! Then driving back home we drove past my work and painted new foursquare lines. We had fun getting all messy. After the long journey the girls still had some energy to burn so we rode bikes to the park. Great adventurous day!

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