Thursday, December 11, 2008

Here are the Girls decorating the tree. Well, Leah did most of the decorating. Ruth hung a couple but mostly just put the ornaments in her mouth. But it was fun. We had to put the tree in the kitchen to keep out of reach of Ruth and her curious hands. Rosie saw the tree through the sliding glass door and growled viciously. It is good to know we have a protector. Even though one day I snuck up on her and she growled, well she growled as she ran as fast as she could accross the lawn until she saw it was me. Oh well. The intent was there.


Tremaine Family said...

My friend Lisa brought us a tree is is about 4 feet maybe shorter! We have not dressed it yet! Next year will be fun with a one year old running around like Ruth! I saw her at Christie's she is so cute! She was good with Andrew! Check out out blog! Tell Jessica to email me via myspace or here!!!

jessmcwade said...

merry christmas! leah and ruth and so beautiful. ♥