Thursday, December 18, 2008


They have a new Coraline movie site that has some fun stuff to look at in your free time. The site is goofy and requires some codes. But the behind the scenes videos are worth the effort. There isnt anything with me in it, but there are some of my shots hidden randomly in there.

Here is the trailor with a few of my shots.

Here's the site. -

Here are the codes-

"otherworld" - this code shows all the features, or below are the individual codes

moustachio - a hilarious stop motion mustache film
sweaterxxs - an interesting video about the person that made all the garments for the stop motion characters, actually knitting them
puppetlove - director Henry Selik, on the puppets point of view
stopmotion - what things are made of in the movie
armpithair - shows the work of Suzanne Moulton, head of the really small hair department.
buttoneyes - meet the cast

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Unknown said...

Hello dady gab mama jessica and family.. are you still remeber me??i'm anaaa.. it's been a long time i never hear all about you and your family.. and when i searching your name in google i find your blog..