Monday, August 10, 2009

The Fair

The Girls and I went to the fair this last weekend with Christie and her kids. It was a fun day of rides, food and screaming. Screaming? Yes, terror, horror and even some blood. After standing in line for half an hour to enter the fair, we thought we would go see some animals before the rides were open. There was this exotic animal exhibit in on of the buildings,. I had a back entrance near us that led us down a 30 foot dark corridor to the wonder of lions, snakes and even sharks. We were excited, but only made a few steps in. Ruth and I headed first down the door when we heard screaming. We turned around Leah, Noel and Sydney were screaming, panic in their eyes as they tore their way through the exit. When I made it our Leah was scraped and bruised, Noel stood searching for a safe haven in the open fair and Sydeny was held deep in Christies arms. An over inthusiastic fair worker rushed over and they explained to him and to me that when they entered the dark hall a Goblin of shear terrror peaked his head out of a neighboring haunted house exit and stared at the girls. After several calls, visits with TWO fair directors, a trip to first aid, and two free ride passes (est value: $60) The fair people finally released us to enjoy the rest of the day. I mean released, they did not want us to leave upset and I assume, ready to sue. But the rides opened and the horror was soon forgotten. The girls, however, would have no discussion of taking another look in the dark room. Wild animals or not. That dark creature of the night would be no doubt lurking in the shadows. Awaiting a nice little morsel, at least that is what was written in the eyes of these three girls.

But to see some of the fun and excitement enjoyed on the rides of the Clark County Fair 2009. Stop by our flickr page. Iphone photos and videos.

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Christie said...

Nice job summing up that mess of an event. Whew! That will be something that we ALL will remember FOREVER!!!!

Sweet dreams little!