Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Fun

We have been enjoying the summer heat for the last month. The girls love the water. Well Ruth does as long ad it doesn't touch her face or head. But Leah just dives on in and does come out until dragged. We have been going for walks almost every day. Leah rides her bike and becoming much more comfortable on it. Ruth sits in the jogging stroller and talks the entire time, pointing out every thing she sees. She has a blast. The girls are also having fun with the new kitten, prince. Ruth is learing to be nice a gentle to the kitten and Leah is learning the responsibility of having a kitten, like changing the litter box and feeding him. I thinks Ruth loves having her big sister home during the summer to. She is gonna have a hard time when Leah goes back to school in the 'third grade'! There is plenty of summer left and we are looking foreword to camping, more swimming and maybe a trip to Idaho.

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