Friday, October 16, 2009

Ruth's Door

Oh Ruth. You sweet little...booger. Ruth has created this little game for herself, which she thinks is quite funny. Jessica's car has automatic locks, but we lost the remote. So you have to use a key to get in the driver door then hit the button  to unlock all the other doors. Well Ruth, for several months now, ihas been big enough to reach the lock on her door. So when we go to the store and I move to get her out of the car she quickly kicks the lock and I have to walk back to my door and unlock all the doors. Though her orneriness (I don't know where she gets it) keeps her going and she quickly locks the door. My humor turns to frustration and I have to reach in through my door and hit the lock where my hand is bombarded by kicking feet. I have to move swiftly to unlock the door amidst flying size 2s and get the door open. She giggles but has a very serious look on her face. Anyway, she loves this little battle we have. I don't know if she does the same for Jessica or if she saves this little game just for her dad. 

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