Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well not much going on lately. I had worked some overtime on a new commercial campaign for Spam. Kinda fun claymation that should be out this june. So anyway, I was able to take a friday off. Jessica and I spent the weekend taking everything out of our bedroom, paint the walls and tear out the carpet. We new we had hardwood floors under the carpet but had no idea how they were going to look. Well they were not bad. There is a dark stain in one part, but a rug can cover that until we are ready to redo the floors. But it was nice to do something on the house and made the room look really nice. Leah was irritated cause all the stuff in our room was shoved into hers. She had enough room to walk from the door to here bed, but barely. Ruth had to be patient while Jessica and I worked. She was pretty good and watched alot of cartoons. Mostly she stould by the gate at our bedroom door and whined. But she was a good girl. Leah has spring break next week and she is excited. We dont have any plans. We are all looking foreword to warmer weather so we can enjoy more time outside when it isnt 40 degrees and windy. Anyway, there you go.

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